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Voluntary organizations have been playing a crucial role in the development of our country since British period. They have been contributing immensely for decades in building the nation. However, there has been a visible change in the role and functioning of the voluntary organization of the earlier days and present period. Initially, there was more concern for social service. Social reform, nationalism, whereas in the present era the role of voluntary organization broad based, dove-tailing to an expanded coverage in term of issues and activities for total development of the society. Voluntary organization of the first few decades had concentrating more on welfare slowly shifting to developmental issues over the last few decades . Today, thousands of voluntary organizations are carrying out a variety of socio- economic program for different sectors and group of people. Voluntary organizations are partners for progress, working closely with the government.

Organization Background:

Sarvahitkari Sewashram is a civil society volunteer organization working since 1998 in Gorakhpur & Maharajganj district of the Eastern UP among deprived and neglected communities. Driving force behind genesis of Sarvahitakari lies in the exploitation and inhuman living condition of Vantungya the forest dwellers. Since our beginning we are working with Vantungyas who are reside in some 23 forest village of the Gorakhpur & Maharajganj district. If society can be assumed as a pyramid then Vantungyas are at the bottom most base of the pyramid, facing all sorts of human exploitation. There Social exclusion was further accentuated by administrative exclusion as their villages were classified as” forest village” category thereby depriving them of all the facilities which are available to the revenue village. Savahitkari Sewashram has facilitated the group formation and sensitizations of village level institution of solidarity among Vantungya community are fighting social and administrative systems in order to attain an identity & human rights of Vantungya community.