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Our advisory team comprises of a several well learned people who have joined the organization for the common cause which is upliftment of poor and unprivileged people of the society by making the society inclusive both internally and externally.

S.N. Name Profession Address
1. Dr. Anubhooti Dubey Professor Gorakhpur
2. Dr. Dharamvrat Tiwari Professor Gorakhpur
3. Dr. Alok Sinha Sahara Welfare Foundation Gorakhpur
4. Manoj Singh Journalist Maharajganj
5. Sudhakar Singh Legal Advisor Deoria
6. Pooja Kumari Teacher (Primary Section) Gorakhpur

Details of projects implementation status:

S.N. Name of Project Partner Agency Amount of Fund
1 Projects implemented by organization in past years NABARD 6,50,000.00
2 Ensuring Rights Of Marginalized Dalit Community With Special Focus On Vantungya Community   Through Their Empowerment CASA 32,30,000.00
3 AXSHAYA CBCI CARD 3,60,000.00
4 National Environment Awareness Campaign Ministry of Environment, Foreign &Climate Change 20,000.00
5 Formation of Producer Organization NABARD 9.06 lakh
6 VISHWAS CBM 11,97,900