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Some important documents of financial operation which given bellow

  • Cash Book.
  • Ledger Book.
  • Journal Book.
  • Voucher slip.
  • TA bill form.
  • Requisition slip.
  • Fixed Assets Register.
  • Vehicle Log Book.
  • Suspense Book.(Advance Register)
  • Stock Register.
  • Letter Dispatch Register.
  • Way bill.

Accountant is full responsible person for maintaining the above mentioned records except vehicle log book.

Payment System

  • All bill approved by the chief functionary/ president of the organization after cheeked & verified through concerned accountant then payment will make.
  • Each bill recommended by concerned programme coordinator and he will also liable for verification of financial statements time to time.
  • Up to Rs 5000/= will make by cash payment above Rs 5000/= will make by cheque. If it will possible full payment will make by cheque.
  • Activities report should be follows before any payment make.
  • Vendors will attached received way bill by concern field staffs with his bill then payment make.
  • Staffs salary should be payment through cheque.

Purchase System

One purchase committee has formed of this organization. In this committee consisted 5 members those who are decide of any materials purchase above Rs5000/=

  • Purchase committee meeting should be conduct before purchasing of materials above Rs 5000/=
  • Minimum 3/4 quotation from different place & different vendors should be requiring before anything purchase.
  • Compilation statement should be prepared before purchase committee meeting.
  • Purchase order place to the selected vendor with term and condition.

Stock Keeping System:-

  • As per receive waybill from concern project field supervisors with seal with mention quantity & quality.
  • Stock open only good condition materials which received though concern projects field supervisors.
  • Stocks will be verified through concern program coordinator.
  • Monthly stocks report also prepare for office documentation.

Our Annual Report