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  • The organization is working with 3000 families of Vantungyas who have been residing in the forest area within 3-15 kilometers of Gorakhpur & Maharajganj district, to motivate them and aware them about the importance of education. This step has been taken because there is no intervention from the government side in the said areas.
  • Poverty eradication programs in the area of intervention in Maharajganj and Gorakhpur are being executed. The tools being providing them specific seeds and creating awareness and training them. To upgrade the quality of soil the availability of high quality compost is ensured. The farmers are also trained to produce organic fertilizers which also help in their economic empowerment.
  • Organizing meetings, public hearings and people to people contact for ensuring the reach of the government schemes like BPL cards, voter id- cards etc.
  • Participating in the national environment awareness drives through organizing workshops on pure drinking water, pollution control, use of medicinal plants and cleanliness and composting.
  • Promoting awareness in the flood prone belts of district Maharajganj among the masses to fight flood.
  • Promoting Organic Farming among the vulnerable farmers through Self Help Groups, Farmers’ Club, Joint Liability Groups, etc.
  • Liasoning with Block level, district level officials for the strengthening of SMCs at village level to ensure the guidelines of Right to Education.
  • A total of 73 Disability Certificates has been issued.
  • A total of 85 Corrective Surgeries has been done for the rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities.