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Vision of the Organization:–

  • To protection of human values & rights.
  • To establishment of exploitation free society.
  • Social harmony and its protection.
  • Protection of fundamental rights.
  • Creation of healthy society.
  • Awareness create for social justices

Mission of the Organization:-

  • Creation of partnership in local self governance.
  • Initiatives on different issues of public health.
  • Priority and need based search of income generation activities among village level group.
  • Initiatives on fundamental rights of Vantaungya community.
  • To facilitate community based disaster management.
  • Enhancement of agriculture production.

In each organization should be follows HR manual & Financial manual regarding for systematic way run of the organization. Financial Manual is essential for any Program operation through INGO’s/ NGO’S.


To achieve the vision and mission of the organization, Sarvahitkari Sevashram has following objectives, which leads to community empowerment, focusing Taungya community. The objectives are:

  • Sustainable development in all sectors (primary health, primary education, and agriculture, human & disability rights, livelihood, inclusion & mainstreaming and gender justice).
  • An empowered community which develops their own development plans and ensures the services/ entitlements to under privileged, deprived and marginalized community members.

Program Strategy:

Strategy to achieve the objectives of the organization is to involve community at all stages, while implementing programs/ projects. Organization believes that before initiating any activity for the community, it is very important to collect their views and incorporate their suggestion in the implementation of program/ project activities. Decentralizing the power and authority is the key to success for Sarvahitakari Sewashram. The organization has strength to carry out:

  • Need Analysis
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Developing Community Based Organizations
  • Organization building and community empowerment
  • Promotion of replicable models and their extension strategies